“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs.


Passion is an intense and deep feeling, which has as a trademark, the great interest, and attraction of someone for someone else, or for something. This is an excellent definition to explain my relationship with photography because since I was a little girl, I am passionate about photography.

I was born in Fortaleza in the late 70’s, even though I studied business administration and worked in a family business management; I was always interested and followed – as a spectator – the “art world”, including the eighth art. Artistic making aroused an interest in me.

Later on, living in São Paulo, a friend invited me to take a course in photography at Escola Panamericana de Arte. I accepted it at once and decided to take this old passion from the bottom of the drawer, it was two years of college, where I was able to exercise my photographic look, which got aligned with the technical knowledge.

Studying at Panamericana was fire and gasoline, since my graduation in photography, in December 2017, the world serves as my inspiration, I love everything! Places, cultures, and people with their looks, expressions, smiles, and tears, show me how I found myself in photography. I realized how much I had insisted on something that had nothing to do with me.

Today, much of my time and attention is devoted to photography. I can say with certainty that I became a photographer by passion and that being behind the cameras recording all the beauty of the passing of life brings me to fullness.

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