I found in photography the best way to show the world who I am. With photography, I express my emotions, my feelings, and even changed the way I see and live with people. The charm for photography comes from a long time, but by expressing my point-of-view, I can say that photography came to stay for good.

Photography is considered the 8th art. It is the art of freedom, to have the mastery of techniques serving us, to go beyond the established limits; for that reason, I want my innovative, handmade, and unique work. I always need to cross borders, seek new perspectives, and guide my viewer to follow the same path.

Regardless of the proposal being dreamlike, impressionist or abstract, I will always continue with the courage to produce something innovative, that is my main goal. I created this space intending to present to you my photographic work, full of sensitivity, emotions, affection, and love. I hope you enjoy it!

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs.